Canterbury lecturer releases debut book

A Kent university lecturer has launched his debut novel at Canterbury’s Waterstones.

Former TV journalist John McGhie’s book ‘White Highlands’ explores the Mau Mau uprising in 1950s Kenya.

The event which happened at 6pm in Waterstones, Canterbury was well received by a modest sized yet intrigued audience.

The author gave two readings before answering questions.

John said: “I’ve had a novel in my back pocket waiting to be written for many years, I even wrote a couple that were so awful I couldn’t show anyone and the bin kind of exploded in a rage until I finally got rid of it.”

The new author was faced with critical questions over his credibility to write this novel from an audience member who claimed she was living in Kenya during the 1950s

John added: “It struck me that here was a story about what we the British did in the 1950s which we just didn’t know about and don’t learn about at school or university. I think we need to talk about we did in Kenya.”

The Whitstable resident made an award winning documentary ‘White Terror’ which exposed British war crimes.

Watch it here:

His BBC documentary has been described as “Exposing the British war crimes to Mau Mau in the 1950’s” was the point of focus for his novel.

“White Highlands” is available in store and online at Waterstones.


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