Chihuahua killed by a mastiff at park in Maidstone

By Claisse Opulencia

A Chihuahua was mauled to death by a large mastiff while out for a stroll at Mote Park, Maidstone. 

Bomber, a four-year-old pooch suffered punctured lungs and broken ribs after the brutal attack. He died two hours later at Vets4Pets in Sutton Road.


The Chihuahua and his owner, Daisy Louise Pidduck, 21, from Maidstone were by the 18th century boathouse at Mote Park around midday on March 30.

Miss Pidduck tried to stop the raged canine that targeted Bomber.

Bomber during his last hours at Vets4Pets in Maidstone.

Child minder Daisy said: “I saw the mastiff coming towards us so I went to move him out of the way.

“Bomber was barking and I was shouting ‘no!’. At this point he picked up Bomber with his mouth, I tried to stop him but he was playing with him like a toy.

“He just threw Bomber to the ground.”

Daisy couldn’t free her pup from the mastiff’s trap until he threw Bomber to the floor after swinging him around.

Bomber and his heartbroken owner, Daisy Louise Pidduck.

She remarked that the mastiff was on a small lead and uncontrolled by the owner.

The owner gave Daisy a contact number and rushed Bomber to the vet. The number given to her did not work so Daisy had to search for witnesses instead.

Daisy reported the incident to the police and are still in search for the mastiff’s owner.

A week later on 11 April, an incident was reported where another dog attacked a little girl at the same park.

Statistics show that there had been a 76% increase in hospital admissions for injuries caused by dog attacks.


A spokesperson for Mote Park organisation said: “We’re truly sad about Bomber, if anyone has any information on the incident please get in contact with us or the police.

“We advise all dog owners to ensure their dogs are kept on strong leads and held under control at all times, to never compromise the safety of park users.”

You can learn how to protect yourself from a dog attack in the video below:


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