Council officers discipline Raj’s 59

A shop on Canterbury High Street has been hit with a warning after breaking its licensing rules.

Raj’s 59, a vape and mobile repair shop, had Council officers show up after complaints that the shop was trying to sell items outside their premises.

A spokesman from the council said that: “We can confirm that we attended a licensing complaint and that they have been warned about various issues around selling items in the street and hanging paraphernalia from the front of the shop.

“No fixed penalty notices have been served at this time.”

online newsday

Raj’s 59 made headlines in October after five of the shops workers were arrested following a raid by the Sussex Immigration Enforcement team for immigrants working on student visa’s.

The shop has also come under fire on their Facebook page over claims of botched phone repairs, wrong items sold on their recommendation and blaming their customers.

iphone crack

Lula Southgate, an irate customer from Canterbury said: Took my iPhone 6 in to have its screen replaced. This was all that was wrong with it, was perfect other than a cracked screen. 

“When I got home with the phone I could see it hadn’t been replaced carefully as there were pressure marks, also a screw fell out of the bottom which held the screen in. After arguing with them for 15 minutes they told us to fuck off and then called my friend a ‘fucking slag’.”

Gareth Thomas, a local resident said: “I took my iPhone 5s here about 4 months ago as it had a smashed screen, they replaced it in 20 minutes and gave me a 3-month warranty if the LCD stopped working, within 2 days the screen had stopped working, it was typing and pressing buttons on its own and was not acknowledging when I was pressing buttons, I took it back with the warranty but the staff wouldn’t replace it without the manager there.”




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