Local rapper survives axe attack and four stabbings

A Canterbury rapper claims he has been stabbed four times and attacked with an axe.

Ben Lyndon, 31, known by his hip-hop name T.R.U.TH, is scarred for life after injuries to his head and ribs from attacks on the streets and in a nightclub.

The musician performs around Kent and London, and in his most recent attack he was hit in the back of the head with an axe during a Canterbury street brawl, which he described as “crazy”.

Ben Lyndon at age 29

The first stabbing was in the lung by someone he barely knew.  “The person that did it was a bad person and jealous of me because I was doing music and he wasn’t doing anything”.

Ben had been told by people that the man wanted to rob him.  They met up in an attempt to resolve their issues which ended in a fight with around 20 people.  He says: “I looked down at my ribs and didn’t want to believe it.  I had just been stabbed.

“The man also came up behind me and sunk his teeth into my ear and tried to pull my ear off.”

Past negative experiences with the police have caused him not to report his alleged assaults as he views them as untrustworthy.  He says: “they just want to catch people doing bad things to get higher within their ranks, most don’t actually care about ‘the people’”.

He was also afraid to harm his reputation with other local rappers.   “When I was younger I thought keeping quiet was more gangster, and because I didn’t say the truth to the police I didn’t get any compensation money.”

His other stabbings occurred in a nightclub in Herne Bay which he says has now been closed.  “Someone launched a knife into my head and I now have a massive scar.  As I turned around he launched it into my face and then my neck.”

“There’s nothing like being stabbed.  The impact and the sound is so scary.”

The video below gives a brief introduction to the rapper’s life:

You can check out some of his music here:


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