Pet owner loses five cats to ‘antifreeze’

A Rainham pet owner claims five cats were poisoned with antifreeze 

Ellie Johns, 20, claims to have lost her fifth cat, Martha, yesterday morning.

The beloved felines have died over the past two years which Ellie believes is caused by neighbours using antifreeze to protect their gardens.

Her sister, Sarah Johns, wants to raise awareness for cat owners to save other pets.

Sarah, 28, said in a Facebook post: “Just a teaspoon can send them into renal failure and kill them within hours.

“If you know anyone that is intentionally putting down antifreeze to keep cats out of their garden please report them.”

After reporting the issue to the police, Ellie Johns and her family received very little response and it was not pursued any further.

Megan Walker, 23, veterinary Nurse said: “People need to be more aware of the symptoms so that they can catch it early and possibly avoid the death of their pet.

“its devastating that people out there can harm pets and not feel guilty”


To read further information about cats and antifreeze poisoning go to the RSPCA website:


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