Vintage VW mobile café with solar panels

A Deal couple renovated their campervan into an eco-friendly mobile tea shop.

The family business run by solar power was started 11 months ago by sports therapist David Herriott and his partner Sarah Jane Brown.

The couple owned the Type 2 VW campervan for over 18 years before deciding to create tharooms ‘Lillyroo’s’ in their late sisters’ memory.

Lilyroo’s business poster

The renovation was costly, but David said: “Because of the reasons of it, I don’t think the money was a problem.

“The story is that my other half and my sister wanted to make teas and coffees so they were going to tidy up the van, put some flowers in it and some bunting.

“But unfortunately I lost my sister, and that was the inspiration as to why we ended up going as far as we have with the van.

“We decided to strip the van back down to nothing and rebuild it up to make it something more special, and that’s how the van has ended up like it is.”

The family named the van ‘KaSa’ after the loss of Karen and Sarah.

The reconstruction of the campervan was voluntary work by family and friends, stripping it back to the frame and remodelling the interior before adding extras such as solar panels, a fridge and espresso coffee machine.

David said: “Lillyroo’s works off just gas and our 600watts solar powered system.

“The new system has very low emissions and runs totally silent.”

Lillyroo’s started in May 2016 and has since been successful with the public after attending events and private functions in Kent.

Future projects include the expansion of the café into a bar, serving Prosecco cocktails and cider to appeal to more customers.


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