Stalker tracks down Kent mother

A Kent mum was left fearing for her children’s safety after a stalker claimed to be ‘just down the road’

Jodie Franks, 31, was sent strange messages about her children from an unknown man on Facebook two months ago.

The stalker said he was in Hempstead Valley near Jodie’s home.


Jodie Franks said: “It was a creepy man taking my pictures off Facebook and then sending them back to me saying he wanted to marry me and he knew where I lived as I had my address on my business page.

“It was very surreal but scary that he was able to view all my pictures of the kids and family and he wasn’t even on my friends list.”

The creepy Facebook user claimed his wife was dead and he wanted Jodie to be the mother to his children so Jodie blocked the stalker and reported him to Facebook however nothing was done about it.

Kent Police have joined forces with Stalking Awareness Week to make sure that victims feel confident enough to report stalking incidents. Considering 33% of cases reported in 2016-2017 were cyber stalking, more needs to be done to ensure that social media websites and those using them are aware of the dangers.

A spokesperson from the Suzy Lamplugh Trust said: “Our own event was in parliament on Tuesday, we had a whole load of MPs coming along to listen to the launching of some research by a criminologist from the university of Gloucestershire.

“She found that in 350 cases 94% of them involved stalking and obsessive behaviour as the run up of the victims deaths”

For more information on stalking, go to the Kent police website at

If you have any concerns about stalking incidents that you would like to talk about, the Suzy Lamplugh Trust is available at stalking or on 0808 802 0300. The Suzy Lamplugh twitter page can also be found here: @live_life_safe


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