University holds Summer Ball at Victorian Prison

Canterbury Christ Church University will be hosting a Summer Ball in a prison next to the campus.

The Summer Ball in June will be the first official event the University will hold in the building.

WATCH: Announcement Video for Summer Ball Venue


Popstar Amelia Lily, who is performing at the ball said: “I’ve never performed at a prison before and don’t think many people have and its something I’m really looking forward to.”

A spokesperson for the Students’ Union said: “When the opportunity presented itself to use the former Canterbury Prison it was something we had to look into and we’re very happy to have secured it as the venue for Summer Ball 2017.

“Knowing that it was a working prison until only a few years ago is pretty exciting and gives us a very unique venue to celebrate the end of year in style.

“Students and staff alike have been eager to see inside the prison grounds for some time and this should give them the opportunity to do so, plus get to see some amazing acts.”

Sophie Martin, a student at Christ Church said: “I can’t wait for the summer ball now, not many people get to say they’ve been to a ball at a prison”.

The site has been owned by the University for over a year, and they have £150m plans in place to expand the University into the prison.

Scouting for Girls have been announced to play a ‘very special set’ at the Ball, which will be celebrating their 10-year anniversary.

Other guests include Scott Mills, Amelia Lily, Beat a Maxx and the Jersey Rollers.

WATCH: The Line-up for Christ Church Summer Ball

For more information, visit the Christ Church Summer Ball website.


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